Child Car Seat Carmate Ailebebe Kurutto NT2 Premium


4 colors. NEW 2014! Car seat from birth to 4 years c insert for baby
"Mama's Hands" swivel through 360 °. Has the relevant European standards
Security (ECE-R44 / 04)

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Child Car Seat Carmate Ailebebe Kurutto NT2 Premium.

Model is similar to CarmMate Ailebebe Kurutto Premium, the only difference in the new design and color and has a compliance with European safety standard Differences of this model! The model has a sun visor (UV-90% protect), soft protective cushion in the head area. In this model, base cloth is very easily removed and its washable delicate washing operation.

Age group 0 + 1 Weight child - from 2.5 to 18 kg.

Height - 50 to 100 cm.

Weight 14.0 kg chair.

Age category - from birth to 4 years.

Manufacturer Car Mate Japan Has compliance with European safety standard

Anatomical liner for the newborn - the warmth and wicking effect "Mom's hand." Forms a smooth comfortable bed for baby, ideal support the child's body, evenly distributes the load, while leaving completely relaxed all the joints.

Removable sun hood that protects the baby, no matter how an armchair and which side the sun is shining. Delays 99% UV.

"Bowl" is simply the chair is rotated in any direction of 360 degrees, that makes it easy to stack (seat) baby in the chair.

There is no need, depending on the age of the child perezakreplyat chair on the move, or against a movement of cars. Hust push the lever key and turn the bowl. All for your convenience. No matter which side of the sidewalk to park your car.

The design of the chair enables its mounting on either side of cars.

Additional emphasis seat in the floor is made not in the form of a tube and has U-shaped, thereby providing a large footprint, and maximize prevents tilting chair.

The footrest is not an optional extra and is provided design chairs. It is used for self-sitting child gives him confidence, provides a comfortable position.

To ensure maximum comfort the child in the road, under the fabric upholstery placed inside the seat cushion "Ultra Cushion" from a special anti-vibration material. Adjustable 3 level inclination - adjust readily available, run smoothly, including a toddler sitting in a chair.

Five-point restraint straps with soft and wide protective lining, adjustable in height and complexion of the baby. A quick belt tension - a precise fit belts movement.

Locking straps easily opens and closes the parents, but the kid accidentally it will not be able to undo.

Deep and comfortable fit, high sides - is an element of passive safety, keep the child in the corners and protect in a side impact.

The ergonomic shape of the seat - reinforced, rather rigid backrest bends take into account the anatomical structure of the body of the baby.

The system of ventilation holes in the back of the chair, soft breathable padding - the baby is not hot, his back does not sweat. Padding is easily removable and washable.

Belts are the method of attachment in the car.

Great quality plastic will not damage your car seat, even if it is covered with the most delicate skin.


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