Stroller Combi White Label Sogucal α 4 Cass Compact Egg Shock


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Stroller Combi White Label SUGOCAL α 4Cas Compact Eggshock HK

3 colors available:
Wine Red

The Combi White Label SUGOCAL α 4Cas Compact Eggshock HK has all the fantastic features.
Ultra Safety Stroller with tripple Egg Shock system!

  • Weight only 5.0 kg!!!
  • Seat recline angles: 120-170 degrees
  • High Seat of 55cm from the ground
  • Full range hood 99 UV cut, UPF 50+
  • One hand folds and unfolds
  • Multi-positions reclining seat
  • Air throuhg safety high seat
  • Dacco seat α
  • Solid belt pad in 5 point to avoid compression of the abdominal area
  • Reversible and adjustable handle
  • Ventilation seat system
  • Egg Shock Q New & W Egg Shock system and , the cushion to support proper position of baby
  • Auto 4-caster wheel function
  • Ideal product frame designed with pursuit of maneuverability
  • Big wheel -180mm
  • 4 soft air Egg Shock suspention
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Newborn to 3 years of age
  • Weight Recommendation: Up to 15kg
  • Stroller size:
  • Open W486×D760~940×H890~1080mm
  • Close W486×D425×H853~1010mm

● Protect the newborn baby born with 3 layers of vibration absorption structure [Triple Egg]!
● Only the combination that adopts Egg shock to protect the head!
● Front Egg Shock Seat that supports the whole body protects the whole body of the baby from vibration and relieves stress.
● Eggsuspension that absorbs from your feet also absorbs rattling of steps and decorative roads at your feet.
● "Car grip" that you can carry lightly with one hand while holding a baby.
● Enter plenty of luggage, fold as it is "basket to fold" - Auto four-cass stroller that is full of comfort, such as "Dacco sheet α" "Multi Big sunshade α", "Air thru seat" that can create a comfortable environment for babies. * Can adjust the angle of the handle.
Domestic selling auto 4 CAS stroller / except for limited items (as of October 2018 survey


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