Stroller Aprica Smooove AC 3- Wheel


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Stroller Aprica Smooove AC

(4 colors available)
Stride Red

Navy Dot

Olive Stripe

Stride Brown

Product Features:
  • 170° Full reclining seat
    Okay for babies whose necks have not settled yet

  • Big Hood sunshades 99% protects from UV
    Keeps your baby cool and protected from direct sunlight

  • Free standing when folded
    Great for situations where you have to let go of your stroller and leave it standing

  • Large diameter, wide air wheels
    Large wheels adds stability and absorbs shock for a comfortable ride

  • Breathable seats made from special material BreathAir
    Keeps you baby dry and comfortable

  • High position seats -58cm
    Brings baby closer to the parent. This allows for better communication and is better for the baby's reassurance. Also keeps the baby farther away form the hot surface of the road.

  • Big Basket

  • Head and body support pads
    Comfortable and protective head and body pads keep your baby's head and body stable.

  • Side reflectors
    For better visibility and safety at night

  • 1-36 months long use design
    Spacious structure and adjustable thigh belts allow for growth

  • High position handles with brakes

  • Top mesh window
    Window opens above baby's head so you can see and talk to her any time

    • Open Dimension W550×D885×H1120(mm)
    • Folded Dimension W550×D435×H900(mm)
    • Weight 9.0kg
    • Reclining angle 120°-170°


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