Carseat Combi Mallgot Egg Shock BE Standart Model


Suitable from 0 months to 7 years, compliance has European safety standard ECE, with adjustable headrest, with  anti vibration protection which  installed in the car with the help of regular seat belt

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Carseat Combi Mallgot Egg Shock BE High Standart Model

A unique car seat for a child that can be used from birth to 7 years. You will not need to buy additional car seats during the growing up of your baby.

  • Adjustable head restraint - Depending on the height and age of the child, the height of the head restraint can be changed in one move.
  • In the occipital part, the EggShock technology (with the memory effect) is applied - it is an ultra material with a huge energy capacity, completely absorbing the vibration and shaking caused by the movement, as well as high-quality ventilation with through holes and the use of high-tech materials.
  • Anatomic liner "Dacco" for newborns warmth and moisture discharge with the effect of "mother's hands", forms an even and comfortable bed for the baby, perfectly supports the child's body, evenly distributes the load, while leaving absolutely relaxed all Joints.
  • Part of the upholstery of the auto-chair is made of special 3D-absorbing material, which removes excess heat in places where the baby's skin contacts the car seat.
  • Special three-dimensional multi-position pillow. It was created to ensure not only the safety of your baby, but also for maximum comfort. A breathable coating material provides good ventilation even in the hottest weather.
  • Magnetic strap locks Lock 5-point seat belts with color indicator. If the belts are fixed correctly, the color of the indicator on the lock changes from red to green, i.e. The child is protected and is safe. The castle is easily closed and opened by parents, but the kid himself will not be able to undo it by accident. On the lock, along with the belt, a special pad is put on for softness and convenience during movement, because The inguinal zone of the baby is very tender. The safety belt anchorages are covered with plastic, which will not allow your child to get burned if the chair is in direct sunlight.
  • Weight 7.3 kg
  • Size W510×D620~625×H665~825mm


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