Carseat Combi Joy Trip Egg Shock Air Through GZ


Two colors. Suitable from 1 year to 11 years, has a European safety standard compliance ECE, with internal seat belts, made ​​of "breathable", installed in the car with the help of regular seat belt

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Carseat Combi Joy Trip Egg Shock Air Through GZ

Mom too safe, comfortable seat to sleep soundly! Lightweight, space-saving design improves security and comfort when sleeping.

● No need to replace!

3 steps that can be used as easy as it grows Long use which can be used from about 1 year old until about 11 years old

[1] Child mode (around 1 year old to 4 years old) From weight 9 kg to 18 kg, guard firmly with 5 point belt.

[2] Junior mode (around 3 years old and around 7 years old) With backrest.

Weight 15 kg to 25 kg, can be used as a high back seat with backrest. Be sure to use the belt positioner when using.

[3] Booster mode (around 3 years old to around 11 years old) Weight from 15 kg to 36 kg, can also be used as a booster. Be sure to use the belt positioner when using it with the booster.

● Overall 3D mesh sheet to be ventilated and main body air gate Three-dimensional mesh sheet and main body air gate realize high breathability and comfort. By further renewing the cushion into a mesh material (air thru cushion) breathability has been improved. (Breathability of the dough used 137% compared with the past)

● Side Heat protection α

● Air Trough System in the back of the seat

● Large head support Also safe when sleeping. We will prepare for side collision. Newly added cushioning material to both sides.

● Panorama view sheet Even if the shoulder width grows and widens, it is a relaxing seat. Also a fun drive with the same panorama view as your dad's perspective.

● Drink holder Multi holder which can put plastic bottles, drinks, toys etc. It is convenient to be attached to either side.

Target age: around 1 year old to around 11 years (weight 9 kg or more and 36 kg or less)

UN_R 44/04 conforming product


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