The agreement on the use of the services of the Japanese registered export company(information about the company You will find on the website in the section «About us») and its Internet shop «Aprica-Japan.Com» The present agreement, hereinafter the "Agreement", is made by and between the Internet-shop «Aprica-Japan.Com», with address in a network the Internet, the "Internet-shop" or "Site", and the users of the services of Internet-store, the "Buyer", and defines the conditions for the acquisition of goods through the Site in the country of Japan.

1. the key provisions of the

1.1. This Agreement is between the Buyer and the Internet-shop at the moment of the order. The buyer confirms his consent with the terms of the present Agreement.
1.2. The present Agreement, and also the information on the goods presented on the Website are public offer.
1.3. The buyer can be any physical or legal person, capable to accept and pay for the ordered them a product in the order and on conditions, stipulated by the present Agreement, on the territory of the countries of the Buyer and the Seller (Japan).
1.4. The Internet-shop reserves the right to make changes to this Agreement.
1.5. This Agreement should be considered in that kind as it is published on the Site.

2. Product information

2.1. The goods are presented on the Site through the photo-samples, which are property of the Internet-shop.
2.2. The goods may differ from photo-samples, but it will be conform to the characteristics of the chosen position.
2.3. Each photo-sample is accompanied by text information: price in Japanese yen and the U.S. Dollar and the description of goods.
2.4. At the request of the Buyer the Manager of the Internet-shop can provide (by phone or by e-mail, chat ) other information, necessary and sufficient from the point of view of the Buyer, for making a decision about purchase of the goods.
2.5. As stated on the Site price of the goods may be changed by the Internet-shop on a unilateral basis, but not after the order has already been made by the Buyer.

3. The procedure for the acquisition of goods

3.1. The buyer has the right to place the order for any goods presented on the Site. Each product can be ordered in any quantity. The order can be arranged in a Buyer in the following ways: decorated for yourself on the web Site provided the registration of the Buyer. The details of the order through the Site are described in the section "Order and Payment".
3.2. After registration of the order on e-mail of the customer is sent to the account-invoice in pdf format in English and Russian languages , confirming acceptance of the order, with indication of names of the goods and the total amount of the order, which is an integral part of this Agreement. The buyer shall confirm the receipt of the invoice return statement, or contact in the chat or via the feedback form.

3.3. In the absence of goods in the warehouse Manager of the Internet-shop is to let the Buyer know about it (on the phone or via e-mail).
3.4. In the absence of the goods the Buyer shall have the right to replace it with any other goods or cancel the order.
3.5. The buyer has the right to refuse the ordered goods at any time before its payment by the customer, in advance having informed about it the Internet-shop (on the phone or via e-mail).

4. Delivery and acceptance-transfer of the goods

4.1. Delivery of the goods ordered in the Internet-shop, in the quantity and assortment agreed, is carried out from Japan to Europe, Asia, America international Express-mail EMS to the door of client. Delivery of the air-mail in the countries of Central Asia ( Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, i.e. in those countries, where the delivery of EMS of Japan is not carried out. Delivery time of EMS in Europe from 5-12 days, air-mail from 15-20 days. Full information on delivery is here "Delivery".

4.2. Expenses on delivery of goods assumes the Buyer. The cost of delivery is included in the price of the goods.

4.3. Sending and delivery of the ordered goods is made in the established time of Express-mail EMS.
4.5. The buyer must, in the presence of the courier mail EMS to check the goods in integrity, in the event of a failure in the presence of the courier mail and will draw up a report and submit its mail EMS. At the same time the Buyer should send the photos of the damaged goods to our e-mail for consideration of the complaint.
4.6. Fact of acceptance of the goods by the Buyer is getting it.

5. Payment for goods

5.1. Methods of payment for the goods listed on the Site in the section "Order and Payment". The procedure and conditions of payment for the ordered goods are listed in the same section.

5.2. The goods are paid in us dollars only.

6. Packaging during transport.

6.1. Internet-shop sends orders to the Buyer in a package, that is established by international Express-mail EMS.

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