Child Carseat Aprica Deaturn + ISOFIX (3 Step)


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Child Carseat Aprica Deaturn + ISOFIX (3 Step)


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ISOFIX mounting type of rotary child seat with rearward facing, forward facing, and even "flat" bed type added.
● It is safe to go out from the day that he was discharged because the immature body of the baby immediately after birth was a "flat bed".
● Neonatal period is "flat" bed type. It stabilizes the grazy neck and head, does not squeeze the respiratory tract, protects the baby's breathing in an ideal posture not disturbing abdominal breathing.
● From the neck sitting to the age of 1, it is a backward chair type, even if it grows up, it will support the growth in accordance with the growth with a forward chair type firmly.
● ISOFIX type which prevents misuse and can be attached to the car easily and surely.

  • It can used along with growth of child, and choosen depending on the situations. Patented with "New 3-Step"During the newborn period, use Lay-flat position that does ot impair breathing and gives less stress on Baby's neck. After the neck gets stable, you can freely use it in either of lay-flat or upright position depending on the situation. It can be changed to forward-facing position if Baby's body weight reaches 9kg.
  • European security standard (UN-R44/04)
  • Full-reclining (PAT)
  • Hip Cushion
  • Single-Touch Rotating Seat
  • Easy Belt Lock System
  • Smooth Rotation Lever
  • Miss-use Prevention System
  • Sure to Use Load Leg
  • Product size: Lay-flat position: H56.6cm x W 79cm x D59.3cmProduct Weight: 14.4kg
    • Rear Facing: H56.6cm x W47cm x D69cm
    • Forward Facing: H57cm x W47cm x D59.3cm

Period of Use (by body weight): Lay-flat 2.5 to 9kg / Rear Facing after the neck gets stable up to 10kg / Forward-facing: 9 to 18kg


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