Buggy Combi One Hand F 2 AJ


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Buggy Combi One Hand F 2 AJ

Manufacturer - Combi
Production for the domestic market of Japan

  • With "One Hand Rakuchin Design", you can push with one hand, bend, carry. So one hand free. You can hold hands with children walking around, and Mama can enjoy the go and comfort comfortably.
  • Because it's a carrying frame, you can carry it with one hand with one hand, so the stairs are also cluttered.
  • Super light weight 3.9 kg. Because it is a super lightweight design outstanding footwork, it is easy to carry around stairs and so on.
  • All season comfortable! 3 WAY seat!
  • Detachable seat liner is reversible specification.
  • Washing machine as well as OK!
  • Specifications that make it easy to adjust recline from 120 ° to 165 °. It is safe to go to sleep during a walk.
  • Cover the head with a big sunshade that can adjust the angle finely, protect it from direct sunlight and ultraviolet which is worrisome. - A large-sized basket of a new shape that is easy to put in and take out from the front and behind.
  • High seat of 53 cm relief! Also stylish mom pushed cleanly, near the baby, ease of getting off the rack.
  • Because it is a left / right interlock brake, you can brake ON / OFF by stepping on a little with a foot.
  • One-handed one-touch opening and closing & Putter


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