Stroller Aprica Luxuna Cushion


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Stroller Aprica Luxuna Cushion

(4 colors available)

"Luxuna cushion"to protect the baby from vibrations
· auto four wheel stroller with vibration absorption
No. 1 ※. Vibration is a big burden for babies. That's why Aprica would like to suppress vibration transmitted to the baby as much as possible.
The vibration is absorbed by "sofa cushion" under the seat. Provide safe riding with the latest structure. Other "Comfort sheet" and "Medical growth mamol (patent)" support healthy growth without disturbing the natural posture of the baby.
It is 5.5 kg more lightweight yet pushing lightly with four auto wheels lightly.
Babies and moms can go out and go comfortably.
roduct Features:

•Weight only 5.6 kg
•Seat recline angles: 135°~150°
• High Seat
• Comfort seat + 20% wide
• Sofa Cushion - vibrations protection
•Full range hood 99% UV cut
• One hand folds and unfolds
•Multi-position reclining seat
•Solid belt pad in 5 point to avoid compression of the abdominal area
•Reversible and adjustable handle
•Ventilation seat system
•Medical Growth Mamol, the cushion to support proper position of baby consists of four layers -
• Mesh seat, Silky Air,
•Auto 4-caster wheel function
•Easy Wash
•Ideal product frame designed with pursuit of maneuverability

•RECOMMENDED USE: Newborn to 3 years of age
•Weight Recommendation: Up to 15kg
•Stroller size:
•Open W490×D400×H1065(mm)
•Close W490×D910~1045×H1000~990(mm)


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